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Hi all,

I'm working with Stellaris Stepper motor RDK from TI- Luminary Micro. I'm using USB Serial Interface for interfacing the Device with my Application developed using C#. Currently i'm stuck with sending the control commands from my Application. I can able to start & stop the Stepper motor by sending the following commands. But i'd like to set the Target Steps/sec. I cant understand how to form a command control with requred Target Steps. So any Help regarding this is appreciated.



To startMotor:

byte[] StartMotorRequest = new byte[] {0xff,0x07,0x13,0x14,0x00,0xcf,0xff,
0x04,0x30,0xcd,0xff,0x09,0x13,0x08,0x00,0xd0,0x30,0x0e,0xcf };
 _serialPort.Write(StartMotorRequest, 0, StartMotorRequest.Length);

To StopMotor:

byte[] StopMotorRequest = new byte[] { 0xff,0x04,0x31,0xcc};
_serialPort.Write(StopMotorRequest, 0, StopMotorRequest.Length);

Thank you,


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As far as I remember, in the software packages delivered by TI there is an PC application to communicate with your board. That is open source - it is written in C and compile with Mingw.

You have there all structure and all comands.

One suggestion - as I made also applications with C#, today I would not - try the Fluid approach as used by TI - seems faster and better and is not related to a single platform...


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