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Understanding ARM based controller (stellaris) through driverlib or through registers

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Thanks for the clarification.

In the example should it be    GPIOF->DATA[4U << PIN] = -1; instead of 1U << PIN ?




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Hi Vin255,


I too have recently started programming MCU's.  I started with Arduinos but found that there IDE and libraries too restrictive for high performance applications.  I then found an online course through a site called EDX.  The course is a little over half way done though.  The course is done by John Valvano who teaches embedded programming at University of Texas "Austin".  He also has a three volume set of books for Tiva programming.  His method is with direct programming of the registers.  You can take the course for free or pay $50 for a certificate.  Hope this helps.




Robert (rhatton)

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