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STM32F0 discovery as programmer SWD

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Hi, my name is Mauricio, I want in google information for use the board STM32F0 discovery as programmer SWD, but not find if programming the MCU STM32F103 ( in this case STM32F103CBT6). I´m probe the board with the datasheet and use guides for the board and ST LINK/V2.


Why don´t flash the MCU STM32F103 with is device?


Thanks and I appreciate an answer.

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Perhaps some of the particulars from this might help?




(You don't have to saw the F0 discovery in half, but it does give particulars on the pinout on the SWD connector.)


Or are you trying to figure out how to use the F0 portion of the board as a SWD programmer?


If the latter is the case, you might look at Black Magic, as I recall it will run on some of the STM32 boards (don't know if it will work on F0 or if need beefier device).



(It has also been ported to Stellaris LP).

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Hello Igor, your response is very good in the first case, but in second case is very hard. Could make the tutorial blackmagic, but is very dangerous for my device. I´m think buy a new board compatible with my samples STM32F103CBT6.

Thanks and good day.

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