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RGB Matrix slot machine game

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I have started to develop a slot machine based an 8x8 RGB matrix. I intend this to be a learning experience, and I am going to focus on the logic and control of the game.


Tiva C Launchpad

TLC5947 breakout from Adafruit

8 PNP transistors

8 1k resistors


As of right now, I have 2x2 sprites in 6 colors representing the symbols on the reels. Each 'spin', I populate an array representing the matrix with randomly chosen colors of sprites and place them in the matrix. Then I set a random number of rotations where the symbols spin and then slow down and come a stop. As of right now, all three reels spin and stop at the same rate, but I plan to update that to be more slot machine like. I also have not implemented any sort of win detection mechanism.

Here is a short video, but it looks much better in person. The scrolling effect is much smoother and realistic.

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Looks good!


BTW, I have TLC5947 based 8x8 RGB Matrix BoosterPack (Tindie, 43oh)



I saw your Matrix BP, but it is PCB only. I am not good enough yet to solder SMT components.

I am waiting for you LCD touchscreen backpack. :)

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I have made some updates to this project. I have limited the colors to 3, so that I can 'win' once in a while. Once I figure out to calculate odds and probabilities a little better, I will add some more colors. I also used one of the on board switches to initiate a spin. 

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