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[Library] Six Axis or 6 DOF Complementary Filter

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I've been working on getting the MPU-6050 up and running on the Tiva C and thought I might share the complementary filter library that I created. TI provides a 9 DOF DCM Complementary Filter, but it will not work unless you also have the magnetometer data to go with it. Anyway, hope this helps out anyone who might need to use it.





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I'm building an auto-balancing robot and found that the MPU-6050 suited my needs as an orientation sensor as I only really require orientation about the X or Y axes. I decided that I would go ahead and form a library and make it public for anyone who also wants to use the MPU-6050 and other 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) sensors. TI already provides an MPU-6050 driver, so with this filter, it will make that device's output more noise free.


I'm surprized that there are almost no simple, generic 6 DOF complementary filters out there on the web. I had to remedy that!


I'm just glad the Tiva C microcontrollers are Cortex-M4F and thus have FPUs (floating-point units) as this library relies on floating point arithmetic and trigonometry. Thus, this library would not be too useful for the MSP430 unless I could rework it into using fixed-point arithmetic instead.

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I revised the complementary filter. It should work better than before now. I realized I had a bug floating around in the library. It is corrected and works a treat.

That is great news.


The complementary filter you have reworked, is it for the MPU-6050 or 9150?


Which board are you using for MPU? (SensorHUB, FreeIMU, custom board, etc...)


Thank you

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It is for the MPU-6050. Although, I suppose you could technically use this library with the MPU-9150 (since it is mostly an MPU-6050 with a magnetometer bolted on) but TI provides a more useful Comp, DCM Filter.


I'm using the GY-521 board. It's pretty cheap. I got it for about 8 dollars.

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