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A new Tiva C LaunchPad about to be Announced!!!!!

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My two EK-TM4C-1294XL kits just arrived today via FedEx.  No Ethernet port on my MacBook!  

Nice one. My capacitive boosterpack I ordered at the same time as the connected launchpad arrived yesterday but I dont think the launchpad has shipped yet. I've never had any hassle with TI shipping before and I didn't expect it to start shipping yet so I'm not worried yet. TI surprise me actually, didn't charge for shipping to the UK in a 23*24*10cm box stuffed full of bubblewrap, they have to be losing money on that.

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Couple things I've noticed-


That 50mil header @@BravoV pointed out, looks like a Cortex debugger header?  Likewise, to disconnect the main chip from the ICDI I believe you have to remove R6,R7,R8,R10,R11,R15,R16 (some 0402 resistors) and then populate the "X1" header with jumpers to reconnect them.  That way you can disconnect the main chip from the ICDI so it's not interfering with programming external Tiva boards I guess?


The stackable boosterpack headers are thicker.  I saw TI has sourced thicker stackable headers so I guess this is the first LaunchPad to use them.  Didn't feel any need to touch them up with extra solder at all; typical female 100mil headers plugged in with comfortable friction.

Those headers, BTW, can be purchased here: http://launchpad.mlelectronics.com/


The BoosterPack headers are meant to be oriented so that pin 1 at the debugger/ICDI side of the board; i.e. looking at the headers in proper orientation, the ethernet jack is down at the bottom.  Well, the layout is printed on the bottom silk of the board so that should be obvious.


Looks like you have full access to the HOST/OTG/DEVICE USB port's pins with TP4-7, down near the Ethernet jack side of the board.

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