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Distinguish between TimerPrescaleSet vs TimerLoadSet

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Prescaler (in simple words) means that the clock driving your Timer is divided by 500 - your timer counts 500 times slower than the system clock speed.

Let's assume a system clock of 80Mhz: 80Mhz / 500 = 160kHz  --> 1/160kHz = 6,25µs for one counter step.


Your Timer is loaded with a start value of 60000 and counts down to 0.

So you have 60000 steps * 6,25µs = 0.375s - that is your timer period for one full count from 60000 downto 0.


Or as equation - easy to adapt for different values of Prescaler, TimerLoad and System Clock:

TimerPeriod = 60000 * 500 / 80MHz.

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