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Automotive 12v to 5v regulator

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As people probably know, I'm looking at making an electronic fuel injection system using the Hercules LaunchPad.


One thing I need to do is convert the 12v system to 5v, but do so in a very clean way. The bike has a permanent-magnet alternator charging system with a shunt-to-ground regulator so the voltage can swing from 12 to 15 volts during normal operation, and may drop to 8-9 during starting; it only has a 14 amp/hour battery so doesn't take much to draw it down below 12.


I want to source at least 2 amperes as it needs to provide power for the throttle position and manifold absolute pressure sensors, coolant and intake air temperature and maybe a few relays for other things as well as the op-amps handling the buffering between the sensors and the ADC, the VR sensor signal conditioning (MAX9926) circuits and maybe the LM1117-N-3.3 to get 3.3 for the LP.


Maybe I could parallel two or three LM1117-N-5.0?

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