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Hi all.

My name is Dragu Mircea and I am a beginner in ARM processors. 
I have seen all tutorials on youtube about Tiva C Stellaris posted by Miro Samek and I have an issue about Lesson 5 : Preprocessor and volatile.
At minute 7 : 35 Mr. Miro Samek  add a header file - #include"lm4f120h5qr.h".
When I try to do the same thing this header file is missing (see the the attachments).
Thank you.
With respect Mircea.


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That header comes from TivaWare, and if you're using the Tiva version you can change that to:

#include "tm4c123gh6pm.h"

I am not familiar with the book or lessons so I'm not sure what else they tell you.  But that header comes from TivaWare, and CCS should be able to find it if TivaWare's include dirs are incorporated into the project's properties.

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