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Hercules support in Energia?

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I don't personally have specific projects that need the Hercules' intended use-case features, but, the N2HET is a neat peripheral that I'd love to tinker with.  My personal goal is to get Hercules flashable under Linux w/o TI tools and have a GCC-based environment for building with it.  HALCoGen support for GCC is in the works supposedly and there is a python script out on E2E for converting the TI ARM compiler stuff into GCC-compatible code.


That said, the Hercules would make a sweet controller for a ridiculously over-engineered electric bicycle or typical homemade electric vehicle :D

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From what I've been able to gather, speed is better for the same MHz (higher instruction efficiency, tightly-coupled RAM as a sort of zero-wait-state cache, etc).  On the other hand the LaunchPad-class Hercules chips lack the FPU, so, there is that...


It also doesn't seem to have a DMA controller beyond the peripheral-specific HTU.  Very niche-y product.

But that never stopped me from playing with something :D


It's the peripherals and safety features that would make you want to use the Hercules.  N2HET is a rather unique timer peripheral IMO.  Vaguely reminds me of the CLA on the C2000's.

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eQEP looks rather interesting to me considering some of my recent experiments have been with encoders on a DAGU Rover 5. I only have the 2 wheel drive version though so its only 2 quadrature encoders to monitor, in my application I can ignore direction too and as I am using DAGU's accompanying motor driver board it actually includes XOR mixing of the encoders to give me a higher resolution standard setup anyway. 2 external interrupt pins and done. Hercules would be incredible overkill, as it is I haven't hit the limits of the arduino nano on there right now. But it caught my eye as something I haven't seen before anyway.


I'm not seeing anything to make me buy one right now at any rate. I certainly don't need it.



Would be interesting to see Energia supporting this MCU anyway though.

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Tiva offers quadrature encoder, 12 bit ADC, CAN and PWM peripherals so there's some overlap there.


Hercules lack of FPU is a bit of a disappointment although it's somewhat made up for (at least a little bit) by the extended temperature range. Hercules' N2HET and eQEP are the niche things, (I like the "angle generator"- helpful for engine / motor control) it seems, well that and dual / lockstep cores and ECC memory. I was surprised to see some of the RTOS and other options include MISRA and aerospace compliance.


The extra 'header' area, bringing out MCU pins which I assume are not duplicates of the BP headers, I see as a plus as that adds things and functionality above what the BP headers can provide, albeit in a non-standard sort of way.

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I played with the examples provided on Halcogen and CCS but wasn't able to explore more.


Since the Hercules is aimed at safety-critical applications, is Energia certified for such applications?


Should Energia embrace the Hercules LaunchPad, I'd like to have some RTOS features like multithreading and synchronisation.


I'd prefer the Energia team working on including some RTOS features to the Stellaris now Tiva C Series LaunchPad rather than adding Energia support for the Hercules LaunchPad.


The Stellaris now Tiva C Series LaunchPad offers comparable power and is more versatile with its integrated FPU.

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On 1/9/2014 at 1:06 AM, energia said:

Hercules is a great processor but it is also a bit to niche for Energia. With that said, if there is growing demand for it I might consider adding support for it in the future.


What would your application be if we would have Energia support for it?


When is the support for hercules launchpad is added?

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