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GiveAway : Hercules Launchpad

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TI sent over a Hercules Launchpad for us to giveaway at Stellarisiti.This is the 570 version. Thanks TI!


Learn more about the Hercules Launchpad here. You need at least one post to participate in the giveaway. If you do not have any posts, say a quick Hi! here.


Features: Microcontroller Features

  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-R4 CPUs running in lock-step

  • Integrated safety features to simplify SIL-3/ASIL D applications:

  • ECC on Flash and RAM interfaces

  • Built-In Self-Test for CPU and On-chip RAMs

  • Error Signaling Module with Error Pin

  • Voltage and Clock Monitoring

  • 80MHz

  • 384kB Flash with ECC

  • 32kB RAM with ECC

  • 16kB flash with ECC for EEPROM emulation

  • 16ch 12-bit multi-buffered ADC

  • 19 pin programmable High-End Timer (N2HET)

  • Multi-buffered SPI


  • eQEP - Enhanced Quadrature Encoder Pulse Module

  • GIO pins

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