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Mark Easley TI


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It is an interesting project indeed, too bad the time for funding is gone, I would certainly donate some. I don't know anyone saying python is a bad language, so this will be a great excuse to getting started to learning it.

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Anyone eager to adapt this to a Launchpad?


First thing to look at is memory requirement - particularly RAM, but maybe flash.

The example STM32 board has 192 kB RAM, 1 MB flash.

Stellaris has 1/6th the RAM, and also less flash.  (Sure that is half as much RAM as my first computer had, and several times what the first computer I programmed, but it may be limiting.)

So how well will it run MicroPython (if at all) with that little RAM?


Also - what does MicroPython give you that eLua doesn't?  (Sure it is fun to have another language to play with, but what sorts of tasks is python better suited to on micro?)

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