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Hi there,


I have a Stellaris launchpad LM4F120, and i'm trying to get an assembly language UART example to work.

I used Valvano's example project for keil found here: http://users.ece.utexas.edu/~valvano/arm/

file name: UART2_4F120asm.zip


This example uses UART0, and it works fine.

I can also adapt this code to use UART1 and UART2 with no problems, by simply appropriately changing macro values as can be seen in this register definition file: http://users.ece.utexas.edu/~valvano/arm/lm4f120.s



However, I wish to use UART7, and the trouble lies in that there is no definition for the "UART7 Clock Gating Control" (SYSCTL_RCGC1_UART7)

I tried searching the internet for a solution, with no results.


Anyone know how I can get it to work?


Thank you.

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Starting with LM4F/Tiva, TI changed the registers to provide clock gating control to all peripherals, particularly to UART. This new register is named "Run Mode Clock Gating Control" RCGCUART and is placed at 0x400FE000+0x618. Inside this registers are eight bits, R7..R0, each controlling one UART, R7 being for UART7, 1=enabled, 0=disabled. (LM4F120 manual, page 379).

You can easily make a macro for all UARTs to be used (Valvano's is a bit outdated, but for learning is OK; TI kept for legacy projects also those three old registers).


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