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LCDBPV2 3.2"TFT+TOUCH: Serial 4wire (speed!!) or 16bit parallel control. I2C touch and Backlight

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Hello! i made this boosterpack some weeks ago! this is the upgrade of LCD BOOSTERPACK V1 ( http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/626-ssd1289-32-320x240-tft-16bit-parallel-interface-touch-libraries/ ). Old version only has parallel control, this new version has improved all things: Serial or parallel, i2c drivers for touch and backlight, better layout...
Unlike LCDBPV1, LCDBPV2 is compatible with any MCU in the market. You only have to migrate some basic code about specific i/o of your MCU and is done!! (you have to do if I have not yet done... but if you ask me for this and i have mcu to develop i can do this).


You can buy on my web (paypal) or on the tindie store
Check out LCDBPV2 tag on my web: http://danirebollo.es/index.php/items?option=com_content&view=article&id=1&Itemid=1-lcdbpv2&showall=1

You cand find some videos and other articles.

For example, this is latest review i made between some MCUs on the market (better view on my web):


Chipkit MAX32 EHA 300 1.172 255 LATDSET(1<<y)  ;  LATDCLR(1<<y)

Stellaris Launchpad EHA 200 1.553 128.78 HWREG(SCS_BASE +  ((SCS_PIN) << 2)) = SCS_PIN  ;  HWREG(SCS_BASE +  ((SCS_PIN) << 2)) = 0;

Arduino UNO EHA 200 4.903 40.8 PORTD|=(1<<y)  ;  PORTD&=(~(1<<y))

PIC16F877A EHA 200 7.863 25.44 bit_set(PORTLCD,bCS)  ;  bit_clear(PORTLCD,bCS)

MSP430 EHA 200 11.64 17.18 P2OUT |=y  ;  P2OUT &= ~(y)

Chipkit MAX32 Serial 50 15.12 3.31

Stellaris Launchpad Serial 1 0.54 1.83

Arduino UNO Serial 1 1.264 1.264

MSP430 Serial 5 14.05 0.35

PIC16F877A Serial 1 6.681 0.15  



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works good :D


for now, my module has TOTAL compatibility with texas instruments graphic library on both serial and parallel mode, and partial support on the others (i need to add letters draw to library).

I need to organize libraries and examples to do easy and complete web support, im working on it ;)


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