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Using MSP430 SDcard code on TM4C123 Launchpad

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I'm currently working on implementing the sd card code provided by the 43oh team to use with the breakout board I got. All of the examples I have seen are using the MSP430 of some variation. I am trying to use this code for application with an LM4F* launchpad or TM4C123 launchpad. Can anybody lead me in the right direction on what all I need to change in the code for proper interface. Has anybody accomplished this yet?


The code that I have been trying to use can be found from this link:



The forum where I first discovered the code can be found from the following link:



Any help is appreciated!


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Hi, there are 2 sd libraries for Energia in the dedicated subforum( PetitFatFs and FatFs). You can also find an example of implementing the FatFs library on LM4F in Stellerisware ( or Tivaware)

Sorry I'm new to this forum, the 2 sd libraries that you are referring to where can I find them? I searched in the Energia subforum but could not locate them. Thanks.

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Check these threads:




In Stellarisware the path to the FatFs library is \StellarisWare\third_party\fatfs and the example is located in \StellarisWare\boards\ek-lm4f232\sd_card



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