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This is not a SPAM , Just check the link, and more over i just tried to get people to the community so we could have discussions and Q&A's , there's an MSP430 Community aldready there , so i created and Stellaris Community .


So Kindly share , and sorry for not putting a write up , I was in hurry .

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+1 , its like ... "Hi ... I'm nobody, just create a new hang out place for Tiva C/ Stellaris launchpad community, I don't have anything special to offer, its you that have to contribute first, join us"


Just another fucking spammer, ban and delete please.



Seems a little redundant as there is a solid community here as well as at e2e.ti.com.  Seems to me that one or two larger communities are better than many smaller communities.  I have a hard time just keeping up with the handful of communities that I follow.  :)

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You cannot knock enthusiasm and an obvious passion for the Tiva C.


However his online community leadership credentials may need some working on. These skills are essential for creating and managing an online community, so I am not sure how much success he is going to have with his new creation.

@@Remixed123 Not knocking on him. I'm all for getting Tiva-C popularity up as it helps this community too with content, traffic and backlinks. It was the way it was posted with one post. He has good intentions.. so hopefully it works out.

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