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Shoba Thurairaja

Enable USB device on TIVA C TM4C123g

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That would be what I was refering to.  The VBUS and VID pins are not connected in the Launchpad hardware.  It's not really a a hardware issue so much as a conscious design choice on the part of the TI hardware developers.  The USBModeforcedevice option was what I was refering too earlier.  I see you found it on your own after being pointed in the right direction.  It's in the change documentation for going from the LM4F based Launchpad to the TM4C one.


USB is definitely tricky on the microcontrollers.  I spent nearly a month just absorbing enough information to create a working USB HID Composite device.


You should really take a look at the USB HID Composite updates/examples posted on here and the ensuing thread, has a lot of good information in it.

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