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Radio Frequency Remote Control Solutions for the Tiva C LaunchPad

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Is anyone aware of any RF modules, booster packs or what ever that are made for the Tiva C Launchpad? Preferably ones that provide some example code.


I need something that works at 433.92Mhz. It will be for remote control usage, range requirements are about the size of a large room in a home.


I have seen the RF booster pack on the TI site (https://estore.ti.com/430BOOST-CC110L-CC110L-RF-Module-BoosterPack-P2734.aspx) but this does not include the frequency I need to work with and seems more geared to longer distances and/or higher throughput than I required. 



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Thanks Automate!


I hadn't seen the Vchip CC1120 Evaluation Kits, but have inquired about the Anaren ones.


I have just checked out the price per unit for these modules and they cost around the same price as the Tiva C MCU!


At about 10% of the price I can obtain the following item. Can anyone provide any suggestions on how I would go about integrating this to work with the TIva C Launchpad?





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