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Hi there. Probably some of you know already the existence of this MIDI boosterpack published on 43oh forums (check the original thread here).




This board is a great tool for musicians and/or audio engineers, it features two DIN-5 MIDI connectors (MIDI IN and MIDI OUT) along with two switches and potentiometers. It allows to receive and send MIDI messages through the mcu's UART modules, and the incorporation of the potentiometers help for applications such as arpeggiators, sequencers, harmonizers and everything you can imagine.


The original author provides some code examples for MSP430 but I's starting to arrange some code for Tiva/Stellaris. First of all I bring to you some basic code for receive and process the input MIDI messages. It would be great if we can use this thread for share more examples suited for Tiva/Stellaris.


I attached mi example file to this post. If you use it on a project don't forget to modify the startup_ccs file. The pinout used is for a LM4F120XL launchpad, so check everything is right before compiling.


For detailed explanations on this code check this article.


Have a nice day!


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Now it's time for a send algorithm ;) I made two codes. The first one send a fixed note and velocity pressing one of the on-board switches and the second one send also notes, but you cand adjust the note and the velocity spinning the boosterpack's potentiometers, simple but effective.


This two codes are good 'skeletons' for several future projects, so hopefully I'll update this thread with cool features soon. Right now I'm thinking about a sequencer.


Both files are attached to this post. As always, I made a detailed explanation of this codes on my blog.


I'd also reccomend to have on your project my MIDI library. you can get it here.



I made a video using this example application. Is there any way to embed it? - edit: ok i see it's automatic :P




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This is my first “big” project for the Stellaris Launchpad. I made a complete MIDI sequencer using the MIDI boosterpack. The operation is very simple, just plug both input and output MIDI connectors and send your note sequence via keyboard or software keyboard. Then the pattern will begin to repeat itself, you can change now the sequence speed or the note velocity changing the potentiometers position and change the entire sequence pitch up or down as well using the on board switches. I made an explanatory video:



The main code is attached to this post. You can read some explanations an thoughs on this code in this article.


Have a nice day :)


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