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lpc 812 Max - arm-gcc blinky

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If anyone else got a 1$ LPC812 Max board.



And want to do a blinky with arm-gcc , i just completed one with help from the below repos.



1: Get the base repos

git clone https://github.com/sebseb7/lpc8xx


2: Extract the attached sources into the newly cloned lpc8xx dir.


3: make


4: insert the lpc812 MAX Board into an USB slot on the pc (it'll open a new file-explorer window , like an usb-disk)

, pull the blinky.bin onto the "disk"


5: Press the Reset Key on the board , and your program is running.


I use linux , and arm-gcc from here https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded




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EA has released the source for theit demo  (mbed code)

I just "tried" to port it to CMSIS , it is an ugly hack and the formatting is terrible.
I have no idea if i got the I2C right , but it responds to the button.

Edit: I just threw the source through indent , so the formatting is a bit nicer.



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