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Using pins PF1, PF2 and PF3

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Hi folks,


Are there some resistors that can be removed from the stellaris launchpad so pins PF1, PF2. And PF3 can be used?


Would i remove R3, R4 and R5 ?


I'm not sure what to do here.



I have alredy removed R9 and R10 to gain access to PD0, PD1, PB6 and PB7.





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PF1, PF2 and PF3 can already be used as is if you don't care about the flickering LED.
From the schematic in the Stellaris (and Tiva C) LaunchPad user manual (http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/spmu289b/spmu289b.pdf) the 0-Ohm resistors are R2, R11 and R12.



R3 through R5 on the right of the transistors are the current limiting resistors, so the transistors would still be driven by the MCU if you just remove these.


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