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Tiva Launchpad Mame Controller

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I have (I think) completed my Mame controller firmware for the Tiva Launchpad.  It supports a total of 30 switches and one trackball or two spinners.  It appears as two USB gamepads (one 12 button, one 8 button) and one two button mouse device.  I'm using just about every possible GPIO pin on the board that is practical, including the JTAG and serial RX/TX pins.  The left button switches the board back into programming mode temporarily (re-enables the JTAG interface) so it doesn't have to be manually reset from LM Flash Programmer.  R9 and R10 need to be removed to prevent ghosting of those four pins.  Check it out if your interested and let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, or bug reports.


I'm also working on a keyboard encoder version as well, it will go up on Github as well when it's complete. 





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