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Very simple question - using "NOOP"

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Some comments first:
In general, depends on tool chain - some usual tools have a syntax like this:
__asm("        nop\n");
The space before instruction is a TAB for some toolchains - take care.
And some other comments (from ARM manual): 
NOP does nothing - and is not necessarily a time-consuming NOP. The processor might remove it from the pipeline before it reaches the execution stage. Can usually used for padding, for example to place the following instruction on a 64 bit boundary.
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In the first time that I used "_nop_()", the command not worked and the CCS jumped the break point, but now worked well.


One new question, when I started a new project (with StellarisWare) appears one warning "#10210-D creating ".stack" section with default size of 0x800; use the -stack option to change the default size". This warning doesn't appeared on the first test, what it means?


I used this site as a guide for using the StellarisWare: hackaday.com/2012/10/14/using-stellarisware-with-the-launchpad/


Thanks for the help.

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