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Using the RTC.

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Hello, I'm a new member and also a noob user of a Stellaris LM4F120 LaunchPad Evaluation kit... =)


I'm watching the workshop videos available here, and trying to develop a little project of my own, an automatic fish feeder. Just to see if I can... The idea is based on this other project i've found here, but I want to do the timer on the MCU, and use its iterrupt to activate the motor. So I'm kind lost on how to start the whole thing... But what I'll certainly need its to configure correctly a RTC... To proper set when the feeds will happen. How do i configure the SysCtlClockSet? And how can I read the Timer, when its working on RTC mode?


Any help on this subject or the project as a whole will be welcomed.




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Do you have the stellaris-ware installed in your PC? I think you have it since you watch those labs. 


There is a document named 'SW-DRL-UGxxxx.pdf' inside Stellarisware/docs which has all the information about the libraries.


Page number 389 has information about the timer module.

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