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FREE TI Launchpad ... hurry !

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TI pulling the code isn't really a surprise after it being featured on Hackaday. Let's see how things pan out, I did get an order in before that (CC3300 BP, as I already have some LaunchPads).


Yeah, it was easily expected, thats why I was emphasizing to use it asap.


But look at the bright side, the extra exposure from Hackaday on this forum is a good thing though. <winking to @bluehash>   ;)



My order shipped last night and is on it's way from Dallas via FedEx! I guess Tivas are in stock and available.


Thanks @@BravoV for letting us know about this.


No problem John, glad to hear that you're about to receive them, have fun.  :P

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Ok.. everyone. For those who got in, your orders will be honored. For others, there is always next time. Their Launchpads are anyways priced reasonably.


Below is a statement from TI.


Thanks for sharing TI with your community! The TI eStore coupon code mentioned here was intended for the specific group of email recipients and unfortunately isn’t able to support broader distribution. The coupon code has now been closed to all but the direct email recipients, but TI is honoring all orders that were placed prior to the closure. To see future deals from TI, we hope you will “like” our Facebook page www.ti.com/facebook.


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I have mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand, a valid coupon code was released and many people took advantage of it. If it were meant for a small audience, the controls should've been in place to handle that.

On the other hand, a valid coupon code was released and I now have a CapSense bundle (BP and LP), and two Tiva LP's on hand (my wife wanted something too), as well as an F5529 LP on backorder.


If TI makes good on their mistake, I applaud them for it.

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