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FREE TI Launchpad ... hurry !

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UPDATE : It looks like the coupon code is no longer valid.


Below is a statement from TI.


Thanks for sharing TI with your community! The TI eStore coupon code mentioned here was intended for the specific group of email recipients and unfortunately isn’t able to support broader distribution. The coupon code has now been closed to all but the direct email recipients, but TI is honoring all orders that were placed prior to the closure. To see future deals from TI, we hope you will “like” our Facebook page www.ti.com/facebook.



Ok, not actually free, but I think this deal should be good enough for everybody, just see for yourself my invoice below, not bad eh ?  ;)
A 25$ coupon code from Texas Instruments.

Coupon code: National-1yr
Its valid until 30-September.
Ordered two EK-TM4C123GXL launchpads for just $0.98 and with free shipping !  :D

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[ADMIN]TI Statement
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Worked for me for a Tiva and a MSP430F5529 Launchpad. I got an error and thought it had failed, but the order is sitting there in "processing".


The big questions is are we supposed to be using this or has it leaked? TI are pretty good about stuff - free shipping and samples. I wouldn't want to be abusing their offers.

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Thanx BravoV (& TI)


Also got 2 Tiva's ....

Dropped LM4F-Launchpads , as i have 4 , and the silicon is prob still buggy





I'm linux based ,and Firefox wont download the TI SW ...

I had to use Chromium ...


A Snip from TI's forum



Update 03-Sept-2013:

We discovered this week that the current release of Firefox (v23.0.1) contains some type of script that interferes with software downloads from TI.com. Of course, this impacts a good deal of Stellaris and Tiva software. We have tested downloads with both IExplorer and Chrome, and both of these browsers have no problems with downloads at all.

If you are having problems downloading TI software, please try the download using either Chrome or Internet Explorer.

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