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Electric Scooter LCD on dashboard, powered by a TI Stellaris Launchpad

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Hi all,


Another project to the list: 


I fitted my electric scooter with an LCD on my dashboard, to display power consumption and the voltages of the batteries, using the stellaris launchpad.

The launchpad provided the digital out pins for the LCD (thanks to The_YonGrand for the lib), and the ADC measurements for the voltages & current of the battery.


You can it out in detail on my blog: http://arre234.blogspot.be/ , or directly take a peak in the code on https://github.com/arre525/escooterlcd


But here are already a few pictures to get you interested:)














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Thanks guys.


@@bluehash, the scooter uses a pack of 4 12V lead gel batteries (sort of lead-acid batteries, but without a liquid electrolyte).

It's a "Qwic Emoto 87" and it looks like this: 




@PTB: Yeah, the last picture on the forum here only shows the LCD on the dashboard without any protection. I later used a gluegun tofurther waterproof the LCD on the sides, and then put some black tape over the LCD sides to make it blend in more with the dashboard. (But I still have to test the waterproofing to be honest:)

I actually don't have pictures of the finished LCD yet (?), but you can check out a low-res movie on the blog above:)



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@spirilis: It's limited to 50 km/h (+- 30 mph I guess). The batteries are unfortunately the achilles heel of electric vehicles. They're expensive, and have relatively low energy/weight ratio. In my case, a 600 euro battery pack gets me 40 km until you really need to recharge, for 2 years until the pack wears out. But since I live quite close to work, it's still a lot cheaper than a car, faster than a bike, and not as loud/smelly as a petrol scooter:) More importantly, it's electric! Which means I can measure the power it produces! ;)

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