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The portable LaunchPad

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No, really. The portable LaunchPad :D.


Some time back I inherited a big pile of used, impractical-to-reuse DAT tapes. They've been lying around not doing much useful, but the arrival of the LaunchPad triggered an idea: their cases are ideal containers for small stuff.


I keep an LP and a separate box of assorted random junk in my backpack all the time; they are safe (the cases are quite sturdy and close well), and are always at hand, should some time for a hacking session be found.



Add a third one with one of these tiny breadboards and a couple of flexible jumper wires, and you have a full-fledged lab-on-the-go in space less than two packs of cigarettes :).


The cases also make nice storage for components in general -- a bit hard to fish things out of them (definitely harder than these storage units with drawers), on the plus side it's also much harder to spill half a million stingy beasts on the carpet.

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