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I can´t undertand SysCtlClockGet() behaviour

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     Hi there, I would really appreciate any  help here. Assuming ClockVal defined as


unsigned long Clockval=0

     After executing this 2 lines of code...    

ClockVal = SysCtlClockGet();

     What should be the correct value of Clockval? A friend of mine reported 40,000.000  meaning 40 Mhz using IAR, in my case running Keil I get 3,200000 or 3.2 Mhz, does abybody have a clue for this weird value??

Thanks a lot in advance





P.S.  1) We both use Stellaris LM4F120 LaunchPad Evaluation Kit


P.S.  2) It´s my first post so please bear with me if it´s not formaly correct.

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Following will set the Stellaris Launchpad at 80Mhz


What this means is - You are instructing the PLL to run to 400Mhz using the 16Mhz as input to it. The PLL is then divided by 2 internally in hardware, and then 2.5

400/2/2.5 = 80

SysCtlClockGet() will give you 80000000Hz.

ClockVal = SysCtlClockGet();

400/2/5 = 40Mhz


Explained here too.

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