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Using few wires to control multiple 8-bit parallel devices

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Moving on to the next project...


How would I set up a pin to clock an external device, while performing other actions at the same time?

The device would need a clock source of 2 to 4 Mhz, preferably 3.58 Mhz.

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Moving on to the next project...


Why not a new thread then? This will get confusing (and less searchable too).


Anyway (bit outside my comfort zone here), why not use a 3.58MHz crystal then? I should think that one wouldn't really want to interfere with providing clock to another device, so you'd have to decouple the pin from the other device when you need the "other function", which, from where I sit, doesn't seem a wise way to go (clocking takes time, decoupling takes time, doing the other thing takes time, coupling takes time, what if something goes wrong and you lose a beat or two?)... (Basically talking out of my bottom half here, ready to stand corrected.)


Or do you need to phase-lock the other device's clock to some happening in the MSP?

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