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Stellaris Launchpad Powered Marble Maze

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Hey everybody, I made a new thing!




This project uses two Stellaris Launchpads equipped with Sensorhub Booster Packs, which in turn have CC2533EM Zigbee 2.4 GHz daughter cards attached.


The notion is that one launchpad is hand held, and continually computes its roll, pitch, and yaw via the sensors on the booster pack.  It then transmits these values down to the receiver via the Zigbee daughter card.  The receiver takes these values and uses them to rotate servos that are attached to the x and y axes of a marble maze.


An explanation video can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NUIewWkACPk  Sorry for the noise, but I was debuting the demo at NI Week, and the exhibition hall was pretty noisy.

A full writeup can be found on my blog, at http://euphonistihack.blogspot.com/2013/08/amazing-sensors.html

The source code and bill of materials can be found on my github, at https://github.com/EuphonistiHack/marble-maze

...well, the bill of materials will eventually be there.  Still working on it.  Source code's up, though :)


Hope you all enjoy it, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!



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This is great! TI had something similar in their demos a few years back... powered by a chronos watch.


Yes they did!  I actually stole the maze from that demo (with the blessing of the marketing folks who owned it, of course).  I thought it was a really cool idea, but since the 9b96 is now NRND'd and the SimpliciTI stack (what it used for wireless comms with the Chronos) isn't supported anymore, our marketing folks had pretty much stopped using this demo entirely, which made me sad.


Since this iteration uses hardware and software that is more heavily supported by TI, the marketing folks have agreed to start using it again for trade shows and the like :)  They even said they'd foot the BOM for me to build a few more of these :-D

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I found your project very interesting and decided to take it on as a project to introduce myself to the tiva c.  I have quite a bit of knowledge of electronic circuits but very little in microproccessors.  I have been trying to get the software to build in both CCS and Keil for about a week now.  I seem to keep getting an error concerning:


# include "drivers/rgb.h"

# include "drivers/buttons.h"


I would appreciate any advice or help you could offer.



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