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Does progmem work with Stellaris ?

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I suspect (through use of fixed arrays) I have blown the available memory in an Energia Sketch.


I have been using const... but I suspect they are still going into SRAM and causing corruption by filling memory.



const char* keylabel [16]         =    {"7","4","1","0","8","5","2",".","9","6","3","","Exit","Clear","<-","Enter"};

In this link (which may or may not be correct)




It talks of the need to use progmem, I thought I read somewhere that it doesn't work with arm?


Sooooo....... does progmem work for the stellaris under energia ? Or should I just be re-writing my code to not be so flexible and hopefully more memory efficient ?


I know I need to work on my...... "efficiencies" :unsure:


I had a bit of a search and couldn't find anything definitive.







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