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CLOSED - Call for Design - SD-Card + EEPROM + SRAM BoosterPack for Stellaris LaunchPad

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This call for design is superseded by the Call for Design - SD-Card + EEPROM + SRAM + 40-pin connector TFT BoosterPack for LaunchPad.




I'm looking for a combined BoosterPack for the Stellaris LaunchPad.



Ideally a in-between BoosterPack with room for

  • 2x 1Mb fast SRAM for caching 
  • enough EEPROM for fonts
  • SD-card or uSD-card slot

All this on one single hardware SPI bus with 4 CS, and ideally with jumpers to select the SPI bus among the 4 of the Launchpad Stellaris...


This demand is originated by the nice screens I'm playing with at [Energia Library] LCD_screen Library Suite.


I want to get rid of this awful circuit:





I know there are already 2 SD-card BoosterPacks, 

but both are designed solely for the MSP430 with 20 pins, when the Stellaris features 40 pins.

Thank you!
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