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Stellaris launchpad LM4F120 - initialize UART in assembly

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Hi there,


I'm pretty new to the world of ARM microprocessors ,having recently started with the Stellaris launchpad LM4F120. I wish to send data from the microcontroller over a serial interface to be read with a terminal program such as Putty.

The trouble is, I have not been able to find any resources on the internet that would help me initialize and use UART in the assembly language.

Any help in the form of links to simple tutorials or example code snippets would be greatly appreciated.



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One approach would be to look at examples in C, and either mentally translate them to assembler,

or tell a C compiler to generate assembler output, and look at the output.


Most of the peripherals are controlled by a set of memory locations, so looking at the

C code for the library routines it is usually pretty straightforward to translate it to

assembler. They are mostly a bunch of reads and writes to special memory locations,

with occasional calculations, not too hard to interpret even if don't know C.

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