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Hi Guys. I have a project in MSPGCC that does not support my J-TAG-Tiny from Sparkfun, so I had to change the compiler and I selected IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430. One error I fixed was the "io.h" problem, not recognized in IAR. Now I am having other difficulties and as I new to programming, I would like the help of experts. I found this forum and I loved it. Attached is a screen of my current problem. Thank you in advance for the help.


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MSPGCC4 as such does not support any JTAG, it's a compiler (well, toolchain) to compile your things and produce binaries from source.


Uploading the binary to the MSP430 and debugging is a different matter. MSPDebug claims support for the JTAG-TINY (assuming we all mean the Olimex one), and works on Windows (check their FAQ).


The error you are having is one of the differences between MSPGCC and IAR (IAR uses pragmas for this kind of thing). I remember having bumped into quite some sites that explain the differences (usually in the other way around, though), but - as I was not particularly interested myself - I didn't bookmark any. I'm sure google will find some, though.


Next time, try less screenshots please.

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I think your brackets are not right.


interrupt(BASICTIMER_VECTOR) void onBasicTimerInterrupt(void)

Should be

interrupt[bASICTIMER_VECTOR] void onBasicTimerInterrupt(void)


#pragma vector=BASICTIMER_VECTOR
__interrupt void onBasicTimerInterrupt(void) 


I'm not sure which one, as I do not use IAR.


Next time, try less screenshots please.

His screenshot looks ok to me. In fact, having a screenshot helps. It's a bit big, but doesn't matter.

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Hi Guys. Sorry about the image, I did not know it would be so big on screen.

I believe you solved my problem regarding compilation, I used the #pragma structure and I see no error messages anymore.

Now that my codes seem to be okay, I have to let you know that I do not know how to put it into the MSP430. I have the Evaluation Board MSP430F449 from Olimex (sparkfun sku: DEV-00060) and I have their MSP430 programmer. Now that I have the codes, I wish I could make the .hex file to send via J-Tag to the Board. How do I proceed? Thank you for now!

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Hi Guys! I am using the IAR Assembler for MSP430 5.20.1 ( and I am using Olimex MSP430-449 STK2 Development Board on MSP430-JTAG-Tiny and I am receiving this message (attached see the error messages) once I try to download and debug: Fatal Error: Security Fuse Has Been Blown". But I believe there is no blown fuse once I can open the device through Olimex MSP Programmer and I can Read, Verify, Erase and Write the device. At the debugger section I selected FET Debugger and my connection Olimex USB.

Any ideas how to fix this?



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