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my problem occurs when i try to upload my code, code it's ok but energia is stopped when it tried upload the code, just show me "uploading" and nothing occurs, i push upload again and show me : 



No ICDI device with USB VID:PID 1cbe:00fd found!


I tried uploading examples and everything is fine. 

(sorry english)

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If you did not try, can you verify and upload the BareMinimum Sketch?

Also try to put a delay(500) as the first line of you setup().


I have seen this occasionally myself and although no concrete evidence yet, I think it has to do with the chip being reset to early by the flash utility which hangs the upload process.

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BareMinimum sketch hasn't helped here with or without delay(500) as first line of setup, issue seemed to arise after "up"grading to windows 8.1, board was fine on 8.0 and still does work on my other 8.0 system.

The USB 2.0 port and both USB 3.0 ports have been tried. Drivers have been uninstalled completely, reinstalled, system rebooted half a dozen times and even tried running energia as admin.


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Windows 8.1 x64 forces driver signing.  However, you can override this per the instructions in the link below.  It may be what you are running into...



Well aware of that. Had to do that on 8.0 and for my driver reinstall on 8.1. Without disabling the signing you cannot install them in the first place, the installation simply fails.

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