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Eclipse IDE not highlighting functions and cannot navigate to the function code while holding mouse over the function. Was working earlier but not now

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 I am a terminal user (vim), recently tried the eclipse IDE for stellaris launchpad, and it seems to be interesting because it was automatically highlighting the functions, I can move mouse over the function to navigate inside the function and many more... Also it was auto completing the brackets, automatically indenting the code while typing etc etc...

 But today when I am trying to do the same, it was not showing these features. Just I can type code thats all...  Dono what happened. Can any one help me to configure it to get all the previous features?

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Was it working on the same file?  You have to make sure it knows what type of file you are editing (e.g. C vs ASM vs ...)

Might also check the edit menu to be sure that Smart Insert Mode is turned on.


(This is from using Code Composer Studio - which is based on eclipse, but may not be the same in plain eclipse.)

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Sometimes there is a bug with eclipse associated to its .metadata folder inside your working directory

(I don't know why nor how but I also already faced issues like you).

Try to set your working directory somewhere else and redo the eclipse configuration or erase your .metadata folder

inside your current working directory (be careful that will erase your eclipse's Stellaris configuration as well).

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