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Issue with dynamic memory allocation and analogRead()

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Hello everyone,


I've written a small library for smoothing raw data by averaging collected values over a set history, and to accomplish this in a portable way I made the "Smoother" class a template. There is an array of the generic T type that starts as a private pointer and is then allocated as an array using the "new" keyword of a size specified by the user.


Everything works fine and dandy on codepad.org, so I assumed I could just plop it down verbatim onto the Stellaris Launchpad. Unfortunately, the sample program I've written does not work as expected; instead, the analogRead() function spits out a bunch of gibberish values.


I figured this is some kind of memory allocation error, but it could be something completely different, so could anyone take a look at the source and maybe diagnose the problem/point me in the right direction?




P.S., I was able to get mixed results by instantiating the "Smoother" with the "SOLVE_ON_PUSH" flag set.


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Well, after much deliberation and a while reading through documentation on C++ templates, I've (more or less) fixed my own problem. Instead of allocating memory dynamically, I've opted for a statically allocated Smoother instance using a template argument.


The new library is attached below. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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