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[Energia Library] LCD_screen Library Suite

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As of October 2015 and due to intellectual property issues and licence infringements with users, the LCD_screen Library Suite is no longer available for download.   A special edition of the library is

Good news! The LCD_GUI library is available and brings the usual elements of a graphic interface as: label, button, dialog box, menu, slider and text box.     The project is based on a LaunchP

Give me some time to get some rest!   IMHO, implementing SD-card instead of SRAM shouldn't be difficult. You need to change 2 functions: void LCD_HY28A_SRAM::_fastCopyAreaToSRAM(uint16_t x0, uint1

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now i got a new problem.

what i want to do is switching between different "screens", which all show different measurement-data (as changing string). If i use only one "screen", there is no problem. But in the moment i draw a button (which should be used to switch "screen") the changing values can't be displayed correct (the value is only white pixel-bulk)


here you can see the value 2x (second character is changing in this moment) without button



here you can't see any value with button...


here is my code(the functionality of the button is not implemented yet, but this shouldn't be a problem...):

#include "Energia.h"
#include "SPI.h"
#include <LCD_graphics.h>
#include "LCD_GUI.h"

#define K35_SPI;
#include "Screen_K35_SPI.h"
Screen_K35_SPI myScreen;

// Define variables and constants
uint16_t value=0;
boolean increase=true;

uint16_t option=1;
// option 1 => Screen 1 
// option 2 => Screen 2
// option 3 => ...

//Define Buttons
button bRight;
//button bLeft;

void setup()
  Serial.println("begin... ");
  //myScreen.dRectangle(myScreen.screenSizeX()-30, 0, 30, myScreen.screenSizeY(), myColours.red);
  bRight.dStringDefine(&myScreen, myScreen.screenSizeX()-30, 0, 20, 40, ">",   myColours.white, myColours.red);

void loop()
  case 1:
      (myScreen.screenSizeY()-myScreen.fontSizeY())/2, "   ", myColours.black);
      (myScreen.screenSizeY()-myScreen.fontSizeY())/2, "  " +
        String(value, DEC) , myColours.white);
    else if(value<99){
      (myScreen.screenSizeY()-myScreen.fontSizeY())/2, " " +
        String(value, DEC) , myColours.white);
      String(value, DEC) , myColours.white);
    "km/h" , myColours.white);
  case 2:
    "Screen 2!" , myColours.white);
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I'm testing a EducationalBP MKII (board revision 1.1) which I adquired with the MSP432 launchpad. When running the MSP432 binary examples build in Code Composer, the display and all other things works. When I go to Energia and run a example, the compiler returns error 2 in the EduBPMKII_Screen libraries, saying the board isn't compatible...
When I tried to test the Energia examples using my Tiva C launchpad, all worked, except that use the screen. All examples compiles, the RGB led, joystick and buzzer works, but the screen stay blank... Running the LCD_protocol100 example, it returns in serial monitor data about the display, but it still blank.
I tested the examples in Energia 12, 14 and 16.
That can be a problem in the libraries or in my boosterpack? There are some other tests can I do to solve the problem?


Thanks in advance!

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The library was developed some time ago, when the MSP432 wasn't available.


The sketches check the MCU, and the __MSP432P401R__ isn't listed.

#if defined(__MSP430F5529__)
#define ROWS 32 // max 80
#define COLS 32 // max 60
#elif defined(__LM4F120H5QR__)
#define ROWS 64 // max 80
#define COLS 64 // max 60
#error Board not supported

For the LM4F120 / TM4C123, same answers as said previously. R9 and R10 shunts pin 23 to 14 and 24 to 15.

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Hi All,

I am currently trying to get a Kentec K35 Display working on the MSP432 Launchpad. Is there an example Library available to get the basics running, and does R9 need to be removed? It was shipped to me with R10 removed and R9 in place. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.



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