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[Energia Library] LCD_screen Library Suite

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I think i have SPI 


Which protocol-example? protocol100 or protocol_Terminal?


if i choose protocol Termina and #define K35_SPI  i get this compilation-error:


In file included from /home/patrick/sketchbook/libraries/LCD_screen/Screen_ILI9340.cpp:22:0:
/home/patrick/sketchbook/libraries/LCD_screen/Screen_ILI9340.h:73:17: fatal error: spi.h: No such file or directory
 #include "spi.h"
compilation terminated.

i don't understand why Screen_ILI9340.h is used... 


what am i doing wrong?




ok found a solution and was able to compile and upload:


i had to replace  #include "spi.h" with #include "SPI.h" or #include <SPI.h> in Screen_ILI9340.h, screen_ST7735.h and Template_screen_font.h then it worked...




what i now can see is a bright screen, is this what i should see?


and i have a terminal-output:

*** LCD_protocol
(All times in ms)
LCD_screen release	225
begin... done
Kentec 3.5" SPI screen
Points(128)	7573
feedArea	398
Ratio%	1902
fps(256^2)	-0.5
sp1000f(256^2)	1904.8
Square(200)	953
Square(100)	239
Square(50)	60
Font Number	4
Font Average	34
No storage
No storage
No storage
No storage
10xFontSolid(true)	4975
10xFontSolid(false)	4543
Ratio%	109
Original(=1)	136
point(readPixel())	Not readable
copyPaste()	Not readable
copyArea()+pasteArea() SD/SRAM	No storage
Touch	---

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Glad you've found a solution. So you're using the SPI version of the Kentec 3.5" screen.


By default, Energia seems to compile all the files in the folder of the library, hence the Screen_ILI9340.h.


The SPI.h capitalisation issues comes from older releases of Energia. Now SPI is always capitalised.


White screen... that's strange. Have you checked the jumpers on the BoosterPack are configured in 4-wire 8-bit SPI?

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i am pretty sure that the boosterpack is connected well. i can read the x/y coordinates and print them to terminal:

while (counter)
            if (myScreen.getTouch(x, y, z))
                x = checkRange(x, 1, myScreen.screenSizeX()-2);
                y = checkRange(y, 1, myScreen.screenSizeY()-2);
                myScreen.dRectangle(x-1, y-1, 3, 3, myColours.yellow);
                Serial.print(x, DEC);
                Serial.print(" /\t y:\t");
                Serial.println(y, DEC);

how to check the jumpers?

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Sorry but i don't find the catch.


I studied both pin-maps... seems to be allrigth... can't find any catch

I think i found a 0 ? jumper R9 (but as i told before, i am not good with hardware) but i don't know what this means, i think this should be ok because it is needed for 4-wire SPI, 8-bit rigth?

Do i Have to rename some PINS? I did not find the document where they are named... and i don't understand hint 4


sorry for beeing that incapable :(

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If i want to use touch, option 2 is not possible, but i want to try if it works before "destroying" my hardware... but i don't now what to comment... the function void Screen_K35_SPI::_getRawTouch(uint16_t &x0, uint16_t &y0, uint16_t &z0) has no content i think...

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this leads to compilation error:

LCD_protocol_Terminal_test.cpp:125:16: error: cannot declare variable 'myScreen' to be of abstract type 'Screen_K35_SPI'
 Screen_K35_SPI myScreen;
In file included from LCD_protocol_Terminal_test.cpp:124:0:
/home/patrick/sketchbook/libraries/LCD_screen/Screen_K35_SPI.h:76:7: note:   because the following virtual functions are pure within 'Screen_K35_SPI':
 class Screen_K35_SPI : public LCD_screen_font {
In file included from /home/patrick/sketchbook/libraries/LCD_screen/Screen_K35_SPI.h:62:0,
                 from LCD_protocol_Terminal_test.cpp:124:
/home/patrick/sketchbook/libraries/LCD_screen/LCD_screen_font.h:545:18: note: 	virtual void LCD_screen_font::_getRawTouch(uint16_t&, uint16_t&, uint16_t&)
     virtual void _getRawTouch(uint16_t &x0, uint16_t &y0, uint16_t &z0) =0; // compulsory

comment virtual void LCD_screen_font::_getRawTouch(uint16_t&, uint16_t&, uint16_t&) leads to 

/home/patrick/sketchbook/libraries/LCD_screen/Screen_K35_SPI.cpp: In member function 'virtual void Screen_K35_SPI::begin()':
/home/patrick/sketchbook/libraries/LCD_screen/Screen_K35_SPI.cpp:292:28: error: '_getRawTouch' was not declared in this scope
     _getRawTouch(x0, y0, z0);
/home/patrick/sketchbook/libraries/LCD_screen/Screen_K35_SPI.cpp: At global scope:
/home/patrick/sketchbook/libraries/LCD_screen/Screen_K35_SPI.cpp:519:75: error: no 'void Screen_K35_SPI::_getRawTouch(uint16_t&, uint16_t&, uint16_t&)' member function declared in class 'Screen_K35_SPI'
 void Screen_K35_SPI::_getRawTouch(uint16_t &x0, uint16_t &y0, uint16_t &z0)

and so on, thats why i tried another way... i changed "#define TOUCH_YP 24" to "#define TOUCH_YP 25" , compilation was no problem but i had again a white screen...


so i went through all the errors and commented every getRawTouch... and it seems to work, but now the screen is flickering in multi-coulours before beeing white again... is this what i should see?

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