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Rei Vilo

[Energia Library] LCD_screen Library Suite

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Hello, I'm using screen ili9340 ( 2.2 w/ micro sd card slot) by RobG with the tiva c microcontroller and Energia  and am having trouble displaying data from a dht11 temperature sensor I'm using to the screen. Could someone please report me in the right deirection to get thid accomplished? I can write text to the screen with:


myScreen.gText((myScreen.screenSizeX()-10*myScreen.fontSizeX())/2, (myScreen.screenSizeY()-myScreen.fontSizeY())/2, "Hello World!", colour_white);


I can view the sensor data in the serial monitor using Serial.print. Any help getting the data on the screen would be greatly appreciated.



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Yes, the example program provided with the library works fine. I just can't figure out how to display anything but that program or a predifined text that I tell it to display. Sorry if I am missing something here and making it more complicated than it needs to be

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Try something like that

#include "SPI.h"
#include "Screen_ILI9340.h"
Screen_ILI9340 myScreen;

void setup()
                   "Hello", myColours.white);

void loop()

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I guess I don't have the Screen_ILI9340.h or Screen_ILI9340.cpp files I need. I have distribitions 107, 113, and 122beta of the LCD library suite and can't find them anywhere. What I have been using is from the Screen_ILI9340.zip file I found on here. If I try using the Screen_ILI9340_Library.h and Screen_ILI9340_Library.cpp files in that, but remove the Library from the filename I get some errors when compiling the program using them in distribution 122beta. This is the only distribution I have found to give ILI9340 as a choice for that screen, other than the Screen_ILI9340.zip file. Do you know where I can find these files? Thanks again for your help with this, I appreciate it very much!



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You're right, I haven't released the files for the ILI9340 screen in the LCD_screen Library Suite.


Instead, there were released as a standalone library.


You can find and download it at [Energia Library] LCD_screen Library Suite on the sister forum 43oh.


I know, dealing with two forums for the LaunchPads is really a mess :( . So please visit the two forums.



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I know having to deal with two forums on the same topic is everything but easy.


Please visit the thread [Energia Library] LCD_screen Library Suite at 

You may find relevant information in the other forum. 


Thank you!

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This is quite easy.


1. Change the constructor of the ILI9225 object for


#if defined(ENERGIA) // LaunchPads specific

Screen_ILI9225B::Screen_ILI9225B(uint8_t version)


                                    // Pin number / LaunchPad MSP430 / LM4F120 TM4C123

    _pinScreenCS            = 2;    // 2  / P1_0 / PB_5;

    _pinTouchClock          = 7;    // 7  / P1_5 / PB_4;

    _pinTouchMOSI           = 15;   // 15 / P1_7 / PB_7;

    _pinTouchMISO           = 14;   // 14 / P1_6 / PB_6;

    _pinScreenDataCommand   = 6;    // 6  / P1_4 / PE_5;

    if (version == 1) {

        _pinTouchCS         = 9;    //  9 / P2_1 / PA_6;

    } else {

        _pinTouchCS         = 10;   // 10 / P2_2 / PA_7;


    _pinReset               = 11;   // 11 / P2_3 / PA_2;


I'm using the pin numbers instead of the pin names.
If you want to place the screen on the second BoosterPack,
  • just add 40 to the pin numbers
  • and change the SPI port from 2 to 5 (not tested yet)

    SPI.setModule(2); // SPI 2 for BoosterPack 1

    SPI.setModule(5); // SPI 5 for BoosterPack 2
2. Each time there's a 

#if defined(__LM4F120H5QR__)


add to it


#if defined(__LM4F120H5QR__) || defined(__TM4C123GH6PM__) 

My project compiles and works perfectly when I use embedXcode but no longer when I use Energia :o


I changed the required lines and the code compiles and uploads, but there are a few issues.  

When using the test ino script:

1. the text on the squares is not rendered

2. The text rendering screen takes 5 and 7 seconds, way longer than my 123


The speed is just so slow, is there something in the clock divider settings that I need to tweak?

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Sometimes, the colour of the text is the same as the background of the rectangle. Try another colour.


To speed SPI up, just use the trick described at http://github.com/energia/Energia/issues/365

Definitely sped things up about 5 times.  Are these considered normal?

*** LCD_protocol
(All times in ms)
LCD 2.2 Touch BoosterPack
Square(100) 102
Square(50) 26
10xFontSolid(true) 1580
10xFontSolid(false) 3005
Ratio% 52
Original(=1) 390
point(readPixel()) 368
copyPaste() 0

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Here are the result with a LaunchPad Stellaris LM4F120:

*** LCD_protocol
(All times in ms)
begin... done
LCD 2.2 Touch BoosterPack
Font Number.4
Font Average.209



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The LCD_screen Library Suite release 225 supports a wide selection of screens on different platforms, including Energia, Teensy and Arduino.

  • Screen_ER1963 and Screen_ER1963_SD
  • Screen_ER8875 and Screen_ER8875_SD
  • Screen_HI32
  • Screen_HX8353E
  • Screen_HY28A
  • Screen_HY28A_SRAM
  • Screen_ILI9225B
  • Screen_ILI9340
  • Screen_K35
  • Screen_K35_SPI
  • Screen_K70
  • Screen_PICadillo
  • Screen_PicasoSGC
  • Screen_PicasoSPE
  • Screen_ST7735
  • Screen_W32

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i am searching for a quick start guide for TM4C123GXL-Launpad with a Kentec 3,5" Boosterpack using Energia. Can someone tell me where to find something like this?


Or can you tell me how to use any example at  LCD_screen Library Suite


I copied the LCD_Screen-, SD- and FDW-Dir to my sketchbook-location and can now choose examples. But i'm not sure how to use this examples, because the includes are confusing for me. I allways get compilation-errors like:

LCD_GUI_demo.cpp:58:31: fatal error: HY28A_SRAM_screen.h: No such file or directory
 #include "HY28A_SRAM_screen.h"
compilation terminated.

Similar Files in LCD_Screen are Screen_HY28A_SRAM.h, but if i change file-names it dosn't work either...


i would be very thankful if someone could help me...

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