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[Energia Library] MAX7219 / MAX7221Led Controller Library

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Hello all,
Today I am going to share a library of mine that I just developed it recently. For any inputs/ideas/thoughts/bug reports, I am very welcome ;) . I might also update my library whenever there is any request.
Hardware needed:
1. Stellarpad
2. MAX7219 / MAX7221 system with 8x8 led.
This library interfaces with Maxim integrated MAX7219 whose interface is also compatible with MAX7221. I ve also included two examples. The first one is just to put random pattern on the 8x8 led. The second one is to cycle through all characters that I also included in font.h
I hope this contribution is meaningful  :)
Best Regards,


Example1: Random Pattern



Example 2: A to Z (E for Energia!)



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