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How do you send variables to intrerupt function handlers?

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Hello Everyone,


I have a very annoying issue that it seems i am not able to solve.


Following the timer example from boards directory from stellarisware, I can't figure it out how to send variables to intrerupt functions handlers like the

void Timer0IntHandler(void).



Using  a static variable inside void main() solves nothing; The thing is that these handlers are used as non called functions, meaning that when the intrerupt occurs

they will do their job. In my case I need to pass a variable to them, a variable that in the end will set up a MCU's pin.


Thank you in advance for the answer and example.




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Make the variable scope wide enough to include the interrupt function.  static global or global.  Make it volatile.


Make the interrupt handler a dummy function that passes the variables to another sub-function.  This still requires that the int handler have visibility to the variables in  question.

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