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[Energia Library] Port of UTFT library

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Hi There,


I'm a newbie at stellaris launchpad and Energia but i have some knowledge on arduino e rpi. i'm trying your UTFT library on a ITD02-2.4E (16 bit parallel S6D1121) but with no luck. i'm trying the pinout from Color LCD Booster Pack (ST7735R) and when i try the demo UTFT_demo.320x240 nothing comes up on the screen :( 

Changed UTFT to "UTFT myGLCD(ITDB24E_16, PC_6, PC_5, PC_7, PC_4);" and commented "#define DISABLE_S6D1121" on memorysaver.h


What am i doing wrong? 

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I am trying to use this library on Tiva C launchpad with Energia 0012 and SSD1289 display from http://www.ledsee.com/index.php/lcd-display/3-2-inch-tft-lcd-240-320-touch-screen-on-pcb-detail . However I am unable to get the display working, I have used the default pinout with an https://github.com/jscrane/UTFT-Energia/tree/master/examples/lm4f/UTFT_Demo_320x240 example sketch.


Have checked the connections with a multimeter and verified data is send down them with an oscilloscope. Everything appears to be ok, the only anomaly sppotted is that some data lines DB5-7 have signals rising only to 2.5V, while all others go norlayy to 3.3V. Not sure what could be causing this, but it should not cause this problems.


Does anyone have some pointers how to go about debugging this?

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