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Hi there,


just received my BOOSTXL-SENSHUB and only wanted to show you what's in the box ;)





The box



The boosterpack mounted on a Stellaris Launchpad



I've added a GPS I've once made for use with the EVALBOT



The stack from the side. The GPS uses the RF-interface connectors. They allow easy addition of I2C/UART/SPI devices

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Did you make the GPS extension?

Hi bluehash,


Yes, I've designed it for use with the Evalbot (search E2E for 'Evalbot Design Files' to find the thread). It was the 'birth' of the C3ii idea.


It uses a SIRFSTAR IV GPS which should connect to MEMS (Gyro, Mag) which allows Sensor Data fusion in the GPS.

Unfortunately, Quectel has no MEMS support to date ;-(


Nevertheless, this tiny GPS module (L50) is very sensitive and fast.



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the sensor hub code works like a charm also with mpu6050 (only for accelerometer and gyroscope data).


i added a custom part in the sensor library to obtain raw bytes from the sensors, and a custom function in uart library to obtain them without modifications

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