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How to reset EK-LMF120XL Stellaris Launchpad?

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Hi, I was playing a bit with project0, and once it was a problem while uploading code to the board (it could not find specific file, so i specified location myself), and since this time it does not reset default setting while pressing "reset button", the LED just stuck, and I can not even connect to the board using PuTTy.

How should I restore default condition? 

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I assume you have tried reprogramming the board.  Does the programmer give you any error message?


LM Flash has some options might try.

It has a hardware reset button (not sure if that will do anything different than the reset button on the launchpad).

Could also try debug port unlock or erase entire flash. (under utilities/other utilities)


(I haven't used these, but I remember reading that some code that changes the function of certain ports can make it so the debugger will

no longer work.  Unlock is supposed to get past that.  May need to search for documentation on exactly how to use.)

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Problem solved, thanks 2 igor. 


Solution: erase the flash memory using LMFlashProgrammer and reprogram device using again LMFlashProgrammer


2 Bluehash


http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Stellaris_LM4F120_LaunchPad_Blink_the_RGB - project 0


by "does not reset default setting", I thought since it is a debug board basically it might store the default settings since something goes wrong and you would like to restore initial condition

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