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How many external interrupts can be enabled at once on the LM4F

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Hi all,

  Not sure if this is an Energia issue or a Arm limitation or a .... But I'm trying to enable interrupts on 7 pins. Im using Energia's attachInterrupt and everything works almost...when I test things out one pin always seems to not cause an interrupt. It seems the last pin I enable an interrupt on will not work. Which pin is immaterial, I can change the order and its always the last pin. The other thing that happens is after a bit, it does not mater which pin that causes the interrupt it always goes to the same handler.


I figure maybe there is a limitation on how many interrupts can be enabled at once maybe?

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It is very important what pin is used, since there are pins with some default settings for other purposes, and to make them work needs some special configurations. Take care also there are two pin categories: ports with per-pin interrupts and ports with a single interrupt per port.

To give you an answer - at least 16, since there are two ports with per-pin interrupts.

The above statements are for the micro controller itself, attachInterrupt is ignored.


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