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[Energia Library] StellarPad WizFi210 SPI library + SERIAL library

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This is the second release of stellaris wizfi210 library (based on original wiznet/jbkim arduino library)

with SPI communication (9 examples included)




Library for WIZFI210 with SPI firmware



First of all: we need WizFi module/WizFi boosterpack with spi firmware!

how to change serial firmware to spi firmware(with link to latest spi fimware)


Second: recomended - additional connection from wizfi reset pin to stellaris pin (hardware reset or other digital pin)

blue kynar from wizfi pin 35 (EXT_nRESET) to Stellaris PA_6 (in my case)



BoosterPack back side connections:


connected pads:

SJ1, SJ2, SJ5, SJ6

disconnected pads:

SJ3, SJ4



PINS declaration:

WizFi2x0.cpp lines 143-145

Stellaris SPI module: 2




We need a latest HardwareSerial.h and HardwareSerial.cpp.



Library in current form is designed for Serial1 on PB_0 & PB_1 (WireFree Boosterpack) and this is hard coded in library.

SPI funcionality is not tested at this moment!!!

I prepare only one example :(


Known issues:

sometimes server hang when client (FIREFOX/WATERFOX on Win64) refresh page - on IE 64/32 and FF 32 problem not been observed.


SERIAL Library version:



Other tools:

Useful energia code for transmit between VIRTUAL COM(ICDI) and SERIAL1 on PB_0 & PB_1 (to send raw AT command from any terminal):



Useful links:

Wiznet WizFi210 download area

WizFi210 BoosterPack wiki


P.S. My WizFi BoosterPack is alive :D

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