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[Energia Library] Port of Adafruit_GFX and Adafruit_ST7735

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Hi everyone,

I did a quick port of these two libraries to Energia on Stellaris.


You can find them here:




Note that I used digitalWrite() rather than messing with port registers. The speed doesn't seem too bad all the same. At the moment, I have only tested with hardware SPI.


If you inspect the changes I had to make for Energia, it might help with porting further libraries to Stellaris.




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Digging into someone else library isn't easy, especially when the library includes MCU-specific optimisation.


Please find a library for the ST7735 tested on the Stellaris / Tiva at [Energia Library] Colour LCD BoosterPack Library


The Colour LCD BoosterPack was a universal board for many different screens and controllers. 

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Well there must be people out there without an LCD BoosterPack who are using Energia specifically because of its Arduino compatibility? (I know this describes me for one.)


Surely for such people the existence of familiar Arduino libraries is beneficial so they can get started easily with their existing hardware and sketches?



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 I think that the Adafruit's library ported Jscrane is more flexible than the other (published by Rei Vilo):

- It handles the differences between different LCD versions. For example I had to change from "black tab" to "red tab" in the example program.

- The class Adafruit_ST7735 is a descendant of the Print class, therefore displaying hex numbers or float variables is very easy.

Of course this vastes the memory, so it would not be recommended/possible in the case of the MSP 430 Launchpad. It is very convenient, however, for the Stellarpad.


The LCD Colour library created by Rei Vilo is more memory effective, so it is recommended for the MSP430 Launchpad. However it doesn't handle the differences between differen LCD versions (for example I had to rewrite the color definition table from RGB to BGR order), and the numerical printout is a bit unconvenient (you may have to write your own output routine).


Thank both of you for your efforts!

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On 25/02/2018 at 6:44 PM, Anik96 said:

cant access this library... 404. .. I want this. please help. will this work with tiva boards ??

The LCD_screen Library Suite is no longer available. 

However, a special edition of the library is included in Energia for the Educational BoosterPack MKII and the Kentec 3.5" screen, and comes as an external library for the Pervasive Displays e-paper screens, to be installed with the Libraries Manager. Watch the training video!

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