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Are the ValueLine chip outputs current limited?

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As the title suggest, I'm wondering if the valueline chips outputs are current limited? I've seen a graph in the datasheet showing output voltage drop Vs output current, and somehow I've read this to mean that the output current is limited. I've left a G2211 driving an LED for hours to see if it caught fire, and it never, so I'm sure the current is limited, but I'd like to see if anyone could refer me to some official documentation to either confirm or deny.


Many thanks



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The other day I was driving some transistors, and I forgot to put a resistor between the base of the transistor and the MSP430 pin -- effectively a short. It took awhile, but I ended up frying the port. I could run and upload code and stop at breakpoints, but toggling pins didn't have an effect on the output. When I realized my mistake, I touched the MSP and it was pretty warm.


I don't know if this really answers your question, but it seemed worth mentioning.

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Yeah, I smoked a port pin on a g2231 recently when I tried to make it pull down a 5V line - active low style.


It wasn't happy. It got real hot. I had to replace it then redesign the circuit.


If you try to pull a pin above 4.3V then the protection diode will get damaged. That's 3.6V + 0.7V for reference.

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